Preview: Hopeful Futures

After the couple of years we’ve all had, Octocon has decided to look to the future and think about what a good one might look like for all of us. Join us for the following panels and fan chat.
(All times in Irish Summer Time / UTC+1.)

Not Your Grimdark Dystopia: Optimism in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Can we use our optimism and empathy to make our world better and learn to fight for what we believe in as well as against social and environmental injustice and inequality? Hopepunk and solarpunk look at how things can go right rather than just how they can go wrong. Our panellists discuss the kinds of ideas and futures explored in these subgenres.
Paul Carroll (moderator), Kalin Nenov, Francesco Verso, Fabio Fernandes, S.L. Dove Cooper
Friday 1st October 21:00 – watch on Twitch Channel One

Global Optimistic Futures

We all come from different places, but we’re united by one human trait: hope. But what are we actually hoping for? What are the building blocks of a better future and how are they shaped by their local environment? And what does science fiction across the world have to say about them?
Vanessa MacLaren-Wray (moderator), Oisín McGann, Janet O’Sullivan, Francesco Verso, Fabio Fernandes
Saturday 2nd October 20:00 – watch on Twitch Channel Two

A Solar Panel: Building a Hopeful Future

We all want to live in a future where massive solar panels in space use microwaves to beam down free sustainable power to our luxurious floating cities. Our panellists discuss the science and activism that can help move us on from our gas-guzzling oil-extracting unsustainable past and present.
Máire Brophy (moderator), Oisín McGann, Noelle Jenda, Harun Šiljak, Vanessa MacLaren-Wray
Sunday 3rd October 17:00 – watch on Twitch Channel One

Fan Chat: Where Can We Start to Help Our Environment?

What can one person do to stand against a tidal wave? If all we can control in a chaotic environmental situation are our own responses, where are our efforts best spent to organise for a better future for each other and our environment? Come share your stories of local initiatives and personal changes in our discussion of how we can fight the fear of not knowing what to do.
Host: Jane Routley
Saturday 2nd October 12:00register for Octocon to get the link (via our Discord server)

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