This year at Octocon, we have a number of workshops that you can get involved in. Spaces are limited, and booking in advance is required. Workshops will be held through Zoom.

More workshops are due to be announced soon – make sure you keep checking back, and subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you get all the best news about Octocon as it’s available.

Any child members attending workshops will need to be signed-up and also logged into the Zoom by an adult.

Make Your Own Crocheted Octo

Saturday 2nd October, 11:30am (80 minutes). Led by MaryBrigid Turner and Kat Dodd.
Maximum 12 participants, suitable for all ages, beginners and up.

Join us as we teach you how to crochet your very own Octo! You will need about 25g of yarn (dk if possible, but scrap yarn will do) and a crochet hook between 3mm and 5mm or one to match the weight of the yarn you use. A basic knowledge of crochet is appreciated but not required as our pattern is suitable for beginners. We will provide you in advance with a copy of our Octo pattern which has been created and very kindly donated for our use by Octocon regular Kat Dodd.

Challenge LEGO®

Saturday 2nd October, 3pm (50 minutes). Led by James Shields.
Maximum 20 participants, suitable for all ages.

Whether you’re a first time LEGO creator, or a master builder, grab a box of your favourite construction bricks and prepare to stretch your imagination with a series of building challenges set by expert builder James Shields. No particular parts are required, and there are no wrong solutions. It’s just about having fun.
LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group, who do not authorise, sponsor or endorse this event.

Open Source Fan Stuff – How Can I Help?

Saturday 2nd October, 5pm. Led by James Shields and Declan Meenagh.

Lots of people volunteer to write software and give it away for free. Open Source runs the Internet and we use it every day. So how do cons make use of open source software and how can you get involved? If you can write code, the answer is obvious, but even if you don’t, there’s something for you. So roll up those sleeves and jump right in to building the tools that bring you the cons you love, as we take you through the projects used and give practical examples of how you can get involved.

How to Get Started Writing Comic Scripts

Sunday 3rd October, 10:30am (80 minutes). Led by Paul Carroll.
Maximum 15 participants.

Drawing on his experiences in the Irish indie comics scene and the production of Turning Roads, Paul Carroll shares his insight into the craft of writing for comics. You’ll leave with an understanding of scripts and formats, the rules of film and storytelling and how they apply to comics, and the different roles of creators in comics, as well as advice on approaching other creators and releasing comics in digital and print formats, plus a template for pitching short comics to anthologies.

Writing the Novel You Didn’t Start in Lockdown

Sunday 3rd October, 2pm (80 minutes). Led by Kat Dodd.
Maximum 15 participants.

Did you mean to write a novel during lockdown because you suddenly had the time? Perhaps you even started one! But then it didn’t happen… Kat Dodd is here to tell you it’s not too late!

The workshop covers the process of preparing and planning your novel, as well as navigating the world of Writer’s Block and the messiness of time when you don’t have any. Suitable for writers with any level of experience; perfect for those who want to learn how to get started and maintain momentum.

Make Your Own Tentacle Tiara

Sunday 3rd October, 4pm (80 minutes). Led by Sara Felix.
Maximum 10 participants, suitable for all ages.

Queen of Tiara Tuesdays, Sara Felix, brings you the opportunity to make your very own spectacular tentacular tiara! All you need is some card and glue, and a sprinkling of creativity. All ages, sign-ups required.