As always, this year’s Octocon programme will include panel discussions, workshops, talks, and chats with other fans on specific topics, and who knows what else?

Do you have ideas about what should be on the Octocon 2021 programme? Are you interested in taking part? Going online again this year creates lots of new opportunities and we’re especially interested in hearing from people who may never have attended an Octocon before.

Register as a programme participant!
Contact us via Google Form (preferred) or email.

DEADLINE FOR REGISTERING: Sunday August 1st 2021.
Note that we may not be able to include programme suggestions in this year’s programme if they are made after Sunday July 4th. The suggestions only section of the form is now unavailable.

Registering as a potential participant will add you to our list for Octocon 2021. You will be invited (probably during late August) to look through a list of programme items developed by the team and volunteer for anything you think would be a good fit for.

We may also get in touch with you about specific items, including any you have suggested or if you’ve said you’re available for Octocon Presents items in the summer.

Watch Again

You can watch highlights from Octocon’s first online programme in 2020 on our Twitch channel, OctoconIRL, and full panels on our YouTube channel DublinOctocon.

Octocon Presents

We are also running a series of Octocon Presents events in the run-up to our virtual convention in October, including panels, reading and interviews, all streamed live on Twitch.

Octo eating popcorn
Octo enjoys munching popcorn while they watch 2020 programme highlights