Tabletop Games

We’re running several game sessions for you this year, all taking place on our Discord server. Sign-ups are required – registered members should check their email for links (closer to the convention).

Hosted by Gaelcon, we have two RPGs for you…

The Conrunners and the Chairperson’s Pints

Saturday 2nd October, 10am – 1pm. A game for up to six hassled con runners (13+).

Disaster has struck the Con, several disasters really, and you as the con committee are the ones to fix it. Your Con Chair has had to step in and run a event, and without their guiding hand the event is starting to break down. Speakers are missing, the trade hall has developed its own unique civilisation, events are running way out of time and the venue is running out of booze.

You have to sort this all out before the chair steps out of their event so you can prove your worth (or competence at least) and be able to run the con next year!

And did anyone get the chair their pint? 


Sunday 3rd October, 2pm – 5pm. A cinematic play adventure using the Alien RPG System, for four to five players (16+).

“Alright, welcome back to the waking world, crew. If you’re not a complete idiot, which would surprise me, you’ve noticed we haven’t reached Miyajima Station yet. That’s because I picked up a distress call a few days ago, and, as you’re all aware, the company contract mandates that we have to check it out and offer whatever help we can. Try and wake yourselves up before we get there; I’ll need you all ready to patch them up, or tow them home or whatever. We’re all ready behind schedule, so no wasting time. Don’t bother with protocol: just get it done ASAP. And don’t mess up or it’s all our asses.”

This will be a cinematic, gory horror game in the style of the Alien films. There will be a focus on telling a fun and interesting story, so it’s likely to be high lethal. CW for horror, general dread, body-horror and gory violence.

And from Fingal Libraries, we have a royal rumble:


Saturday 2nd October, 2pm – 4pm. An all-ages, sensory friendly DnD royal rumble for 20 experienced players, 13+.

Splattermania is not a game for beginners. There are no death saves, no monsters, and no end of level bad guy.

Twenty players enter the ring one at a time and battle to the death. Dice rolls determine the order in which players enter. Last player standing wins.

Players can fight separately or team up. Have a level 1 character ready and be prepared to level up quickly – don’t bring your favourite character, as they will most likely perish!

Roleplaying Octo
Octo has their dice at the ready…