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We do enjoy serious and complex discussions at Octocon, but sometimes we just want to be utterly silly too. Check out our selection of quiz shows and comedy panels, and join the watch party in the Twitch chat or our Discord server!
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Found Family Fortunes

We’re back with another episode of our epic panel quiz, Found Family Fortunes, with your host James Brophy! This time the Titancon family will be taking on the Octocon family to see who knows our audience the best.
Friday 1st October 22:00 – watch on Twitch Channel One

Orbital Tidy Towns Committee

Dear Mrs O’Hanrahan, 
Thank you for your kind letter, we do hope you were able to find replacements for the petals of your solar collector and that the compensation for the loss of your husband in the pebble dashing incident has come through in an acceptable time. The council still takes issue with the use of micrometeorites as a form of pebble dashing but we are willing to hear out the grievances of you and your neighbours in the upper middle lower orbit area community forum where we can engage with ideas small and large, solutions serious and silly to problems real and possibly in your own head to save and improve our orbital community.
As always, 
Is mise le mass equals density times volume, 
Gobnait O’Lughnasa

Saturday 2nd October 22:00 – watch on Twitch Channel One

Reboot Challenge

In a world of our childhoods being sold back to us, is there no limit to what will be pulled out of the trash heap of history? Join us for pitches large and small that will seek to reawaken your fandom heart without stirring you up to a violent backlash, as judged by Michael Carroll.
Sunday 3rd October 10:00 – watch on Twitch Channel Two

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