Roll for FUN! (and Drama and Terror)

We’re running several game sessions for you this year, all taking place on our Discord server. Sign-ups are required – links were sent to registered members a couple of days ago, and we’ll be sending them out again soon. Or you can find the sign-up on our Discord server once it’s open.

  • The Conrunners and the Chairperson’s Pints – Saturday morning, 10am (3 hours)
    Run by Gaelcon.
    A game for up to six hassled con runners (13+).
    Disaster has struck the Con, several disasters really, and you as the con committee are the ones to fix it. Your Con Chair has had to step in and run a event, and without their guiding hand the event is starting to break down. 
  • Splattermania – Saturday afternoon, 2pm (2 hours)
    Brought to you by Fingal Libraries.
    Splattermania is an all-ages, sensory friendly DnD royal rumble. Experienced players only, 13+. No death saves, no monsters, and no end of level bad guy. Twenty level 1 characters enter the ring one at a time and battle to the death separately or in teams. Last player standing wins. 
  • SALVAGE – Sunday afternoon, 2pm (3 hours)
    Run by Gaelcon.
    A cinematic horror game using the Alien RPG System, for four to five players (16+). 
    The focus is on telling a fun and interesting story in the style of the Alien films, so it’s likely to be highly lethal. CW for horror, general dread, body-horror and gory violence. 

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