Octocon Presents: Live from Dublin Space Port – What Next for Star Trek?

Our final Octocon Presents panel of the year will take place on Tuesday 14th September at 8pm IST (UTC+1), streamed as always on our Twitch channel, where you’ll also be able to ask questions of the panellists via the chat.

Octocon gathers together Irish Trek fans for a round table discussion of the explosion of new Star Trek material coming to us through the end of this year and into the next. Lower Decks returned in August, to be followed by Prodigy for kids on Nickelodeon; Picard brings back Q, we jump into the far future in Discovery’s fourth season, and we even get new action figures and perhaps a new motion picture too. Join us as our shuttle rises to the space dock and we anticipate Star Trek’s brightest future.

Meet our panel

Linda Butler

Linda Butler

Linda is a cosplayer, crafter and content creator. Trekkie since TNG. Half of The Nerd Escape Podcast on YouTube. She/her

Twitter: @heninahat1 | Instagram: @Heninahat | YouTube


Gerry Mc Evoy

Gerry Mc Evoy is a National Game Writer Award Winner and the European admin for the Vintage Role Playing Games group (not OSR affiliated), and runs the Irish conventions listing site Cons.ie, He also writes Sci-fi and Fantasy, runs a near daily Interactive Fiction game on Twitter (@legendgerry) and is a former world martial arts champion. He’s the sort of guy who reads the Mountains of Madness campaign, thinks what this needs is the cast of Muppets Treasure Island and then actually writes it. (Best Scenario Warpcon 2020)
The funny part about this bio is people are going to chide him about the other things he does that he’s neglected to mention.

Kat Dodd

Kat Dodd is an American transplant that escaped from a small town in Arkansas right between Toad Suck, Pickles Gap, and Wooster. The first story they ever wrote was in a purple crayon in their journal, and Kat hasn’t stopped writing since. Their typical genres are a conglomeration of fantasy/sci-fi, LGBTQI+, and YA, with a thread of romance going through them. Kat lives with their Spouse-Type-Creature, though Kat frequently forgets to feed him.

Twitter: @TheKatDodd

James Brophy (moderator)

James Brophy

A photographer and graphic designer based in Dublin, James has also worked in Visual effects and film development while writing materials and making art for Octocon on and off for the last 20 years.

Twitter: @jamesfbrophy