Crochet Your Own Octo

We love our mascot Octo so much that we wanted you to be able to make your own!

Kat Dodd and MaryBrigid Turner led a successful workshop on the Saturday of Octocon 2021, showing how to use Kat’s very forgiving crochet pattern – they describe it as being like the pirate code, guidelines not rules. And if your Octo ends up with too many legs, why then it’s just a cute eldritch horror!

We’re delighted to share the pattern (as a PDF) for anyone who wants to try and make their own Octo!

Get the pattern

If you share your Octos on social media, please hashtag them #Octocon so we can find them!

A large red crocheted octopus and a smaller pink one
Octopals by MaryBrigid Turner
A small yellow crocheted octopus next to a UK penny piece for scale
Octo by Fiona Moore