Preview: Darren Shan: Ringmaster of the Macabre

Joining us at Octocon for the first time is author of creepy and utterly horrific stories, Darren Shan, for a child-friendly reading and an interview led by Janet O’Sullivan.

Sunday 3rd October at 2pm Irish time (UTC+1) – watch on our Twitch channel!

If you have questions for Darren, you can ask them during the interview via Twitch, or tweet them in advance @Octocon.

Darren Shan: Ringmaster of the Macabre

Global bestselling children’s author Darren Shan has terrified us with zombies, ghosts, vampires and exotic spiders as well as the outright horror of being a teenager. Come and listen as he spins us a tale and answers questions about his books, what really scares him, and what drew him to a career in horror.

About Darren Shan

Darren Shan was born in London but has spent most of his life in Limerick in Ireland, where he lives with his wife and children. He has published 57 books for both children and adults, and has sold over 30 million books worldwide, making bestseller charts in the USA, the UK, Ireland, Hungary, Dubai, Japan, Taiwan and elsewhere. He is currently writing the Archibald Lox fantasy series, of which six books have already been published, with the final three due to see print in 2022.

Website: | Twitter: @darrenshan | Facebook: darrenshanverified

Darren Shan